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hello wonderful people! LeoVenus is here with ElectraSoul to expand on our spiritual services for you all. our mission on Earth is simple—to make a real, genuine, spiritual change in the lives of many. that being said, my sister and i have come together to bring what spiritual knowledge we have, into your lives to help change it for the better! what we intend to do together, is to help bring peace, knowledge, and spiritual comfort into your being. we want to be sure that you are definitely learning and growing from the service we provide you, as we care truly to make a positive and spiritual impact. ⟢・˚◦ ˚ ・ .

here, you can find all of ElectraSoul and i’s collaborated items. along with this, my own personal items and collections are listed, so that you can purchase your own set of spiritual goods! you can find all of the spiritual care that you’ll ever need, here on our websites.

we are super excited to be able to share the positive word like this. may God continue to bless you all, eternally. 。・˚◦ ○ ˚


✭ NOTE: if a product from the ElectraSoul/LeoVenus Collection is listed as "OUT OF STOCK", check LeoVenus' website for the product, as there may be some in stock.

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