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spiritual readings ☆

Hello everybody! If you are looking for a reading, this is where all the information for that is listed! I am an empath and a clairvoyant, clairaudient, clarisentience, claircognizance psychic-medium. I work with the angels to help people and myself for further grow and soul expansion. I provide angel oracle card readings and channeled readings for those who need enlightenment, angelic advice, walk to talk to an angel/good spirit, or need life motivation. Below, I've listed the types of readings I offer, their price, and what they consist of. 

I do readings for career, love/relationships, decisions, past lives, and life advice. I also do prayers and can channel a desired spirit guide/angel. I do not do readings for questions based on bad intentions, for example: "when will so and so break up?" or "is so and so's life falling apart?" etc. I also do not do readings that are in regards to a future death or health related questions, such as if you or someone else is internally ill/when a death date will occur/if so and so is pregnant. I am not a doctor, I am a psychic and I can only give you what is said by the angels. I also do not/will not work with dark spirits or channel negative entities. Everything I work with consists only of good spirits, angels, and God/Spirit. Aura readings for your cat or dog consists of reading and describing the aura colors that your pet has. As animals have auras as well as humans do, they can be read and determined as well. There are two separate options for you or your pet to have your auras read. Once you've selected a type of reading, email me the numbered choice you've chosen and your question along with it.

It will take me 3-5 business days to have your reading delivered to you and will be delivered through email, as a PDF. All readings will be detailed as they are given and will never be less than a paragraph long. I wish you nothing but the best and I thank you for taking your time to look at my page! May you receive all the light and love there is possible. Ƹ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒ


1. angel number fortune (includes one Divinely chosen angel number used to bring a specific, Divine message for client; ranges from number(s) 1-999): $1


​2. pendulum reading (1 question//only yes OR no questions): $3


3. lifetime count (includes the number of lifetimes that you have left to live): $5.55


4. aura color reading (includes an in-depth description of you OR your cat/dog's aura color(s) with an outline of the colors from the aura shown): $16


5. oracle card reading (1 question, 3 cards pulled): $16.77


6. oracle card reading (1 question, 5 cards pulled): $27.77

7. oracle card reading (2 questions, 3 cards pulled each): $36.66

8. oracle card reading (2 questions, 4 cards pulled each): $55.55

9. channeled reading with desired spirit guide/angel (1 question, 3 paragraphs): $44.44

10. channeled reading with desired spirit guide/angel (2 questions, 3 paragraphs each): $77.77


11. channeled reading with desired spirit guide/angel (1 question, 5 paragraphs): $55.55

12. 15 minute recorded reading (1 question, multiple cards will be pulled): $44.44


13. 30 minute recorded reading (1 question, multiple cards will be pulled): $66.67


14. 45 minute recorded reading (1 question, multiple cards will be pulled): $88.88


15. 1 hr. recorded reading (1 question, multiple cards will be pulled): $111.11


16. curse removal (generational curses, black magic, evil witchcraft, brujería, etc.): $55.55


17. dream interpretation (3 paragraph, in-depth description of what dream signifies): $33.33

18. prayer (submit desired topic/situation, any names, specific angels included): FREE


19. blessing an object / person (I am not a priest. I bless with holy water and through communications with Jesus, Archangel Michael, and God): FREE



email me at: contact@electrasoul.co with your desired number and we will talk! Thank you, loved one.