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demonology ☆

Hello everybody. I've created this page to explain a little bit more about my significant other and I, and what we do. My significant other and I both can see and hear spirits. We are both clairvoyant, clairaudient, sensitive, and intuitive people. We can see and hear good spirits, bad spirits, angels, and demons. Because of this, we help people that come to us regarding demonic problems. Things such as suspicions of demonic activity, being haunted, possessions, etc. We have had experience with such forces for a very long time and we use our gifts to help people rid themselves of such beings and turn to spirits of light, such as angels. Many people won't understand this phenomenon because it has never happened to them, which is totally understandable. Most will only believe if its happened to them, which is fine! I am here to educate and help people realize what evil beings are and how to avoid such interactions. 


What are demons?

Demons are servants of the Devil. They are very evil, very ugly, and only look to cause harm. They are supernatural beings that have never walked this Earth. They come from hell and are purposely set out to do dark work against God.


What are demons capable of / what do they do?

Although many might believe that they are only set out to possess people, there are many other things they can intentionally do as well such as, lie, cause accidents, cause illness, cause sleep paralysis, tell you evil/nasty things such as "you're going to die", "God isn't real" or, "kill yourself", and cause suicidal / depression / anxiety. Many people think it is their own voice telling them such horrid things, meanwhile it will be demons communicating harmful things to you, also lowering your motivation intensely and making you feel you won't amount to anything. They may also try to lead you to Lucifer too and abandon all of your spiritual believes. They can attack your animals or make them act erratic such as by suddenly attacking another animal, attacking you, or behaving extremely irritated and freakish, almost as if they want to harm what's around them. They can possess people, animals, and inanimate objects. Demons can take on forms of people as well. When they do this however, something about them will look VERY unnatural. They may be missing eyes, a mouth, a nose and they will give off an unnecessarily creepy vibe to their "body". This is all done to scare you so that you will let your wall down, so that they could properly attack.


How do I know a demon is attached to me / attacking me or my loved ones?

☆ The first and foremost sign is you will feel it. Now, I'm not talking about feeling temporarily sad one day. I'm talking an actual presence you can feel around you. Almost as if someone is standing by you but nobody is physically there. Of course you can feel this with angels too, but the huge difference is in how safe or unsafe you feel. You will feel like there's danger around and an unexplainable fear.  

☆ You may smell something absolutely rancid. Each demon has their "trademark" smell. Some may reek of cat urine, rotting meat, body odor, it will come and go and be unexplainable.

☆ You might have marks left on your body. Things such as scratches, bruises, marks, burns, anything of this sort and they are ALWAYS unexplainable. It won't make sense as to how they got there.

☆ Your children or pets can see them. Peak spirit-seeing is when a child is around 4-6 years old. Even beyond that age range young children can see spirits. If your child is telling you there is a "monster in the closet" or "someone's by the door" please listen to them. 99.9% of the time, they are being genuine and are actually terrified because a demon is terrorizing your child. Children see spirits better than any adult who doesn't believe in spirits or even do believe in spirits. Remember, demons love to scare children. Some dogs and cats can see spirits too! You can tell if they are seeing an angel or a demon by their reaction. Dogs are very susceptible to bad energies and will literally warn you that something is there by growling and barking at "the air" or "the wall". Cats as well, hiss and arch their back when they see such things. The purest creatures of Earth remain the purest.

☆ Your overall mental health will begin to decrease. Keep in mind, constant self deprecation and bashing can definitely bring in more evil beings, even unintentionally. You will begin to lose touch within your self and grow unmotivated and suicidal. These symptoms are those of depression as well, which could very much as well be of bringing in something evil.

☆ You can have nightmares/night terrors/sleep paralysis featuring demons. Most famously known as "a long, black figure/shadow", these are demons that are coming to you in your sleep to terrify you. They may have white eyes, red eyes, green eyes, no eyes, no face, they can be super tall, shorter, thicker, or skinnier. There is an all variety. If this won't scare you, you will be sent something that will indeed terrify you. It gives them pleasure to see somebody fear for their life or having trouble falling back asleep for hours. Their main goal is to see you suffer. 

☆ This is under certain circumstances, but if you know or suspect somebody to be doing black magic, this is another way demons can be led to you. People who practice such things may try to mess up your blessings, literally, mess up. They can put evil spells on you or send demonic figures that will ruin your life or mess up an opportunity for you. Some people can simply manifest something bad upon you without "intentionally" setting a curse on you. Those who already have plenty of demons around them can think up negative things about you, which can definitely manifest itself to bring you demons too. Yes, demons/evil spirits can be sent as well. But don't worry, those who commit such acts will have to pay one for their actions day because this is the ultimate sin, so don't feel like you will never get justice for what's happened to you because you will. God is better and greater than any evil one will try to commit upon you. 


Why do demons come to me and what can I do to avoid it?

Demons can come to you for a plethora of reasons, some stated above. Things such as black magic, satanism or association with the devil, heavy drug usage or alcohol, constant dark or negative language or thoughts, being around somebody of dark intent, or simply being able to see/hear them also opens up a gateway for them to latch onto you. Once they know you can see / hear them, they're all in simply due to the fact that you can physically see / hear them. It gives them pleasure knowing you'll have to to deal with their being. What you can do to avoid demons coming to you is to avoid joking about demons. Talking about them constantly or making jokes frequently can definitely draw some in, being around people that you know have associations with these creatures or practice black magic/satanism as well. Avoid taking heavy drugs or alcohol. This is one of their gateways of entrance due to your soul being spaced out from your body while high. Keeping a cross on or near you is a big, big help. Frankly, I was never one to wear or use a cross, that is until something demonic happened to me. Through this situation, I learned that demons are terrified of the cross and Jesus Christ. Keeping both on you is your safest bet. Asking for angelic protection daily as well... and letting God in your heart is the ultimate protection.. that is where all the loves lies. You will be guaranteed safety.


Are evil spirits considered demons?

I call evil spirits, demons because they both act in very similar ways and their main intention is to harm. They are different though. Evil spirits were once people. They have walked this Earth before as rapists, murderers, evil witches, abusers, or have been killed and are looking for revenge. Evil spirits are spirits that remain on Earth because they have not crossed over and are not looking to do so because they are miserable inside and do not want to find peace. Some just might not cross-over because their sinful ways will reject them from incarnating again and they will be forced to join hell. These spirits haunt people and torture those that seem feeble or weak to them, such as young children or mentally ill people. They are very similar to demons in this way. Plus they both smell bad. The difference comes in through possession. When they possess a person, that person may still talk with their regular voice but something will be extremely off and cynical about what they say or their tone. That person will black out often and say or do evil things. They may also speak in third person or pretend to be the person they are possessing. Demons are a bit more harsh when it comes to possession. They will make very weird noises verbally, may be pushed around, will most likely kill themselves or another person if not treated as soon as possible, and usually speak in riddle. Evil spirits like to pretend they're demons, but in a way they are. Both belong in hell.


What can I do if I suspect someone I know of being possessed? What can I do if I'm being possessed?

Please contact me as soon as possible at my email: contact@electrasoul.co. My significant other and I would be more than happy to help whoever needs it, seriously. Don't hesitate. In the meantime, invite God into your heart, ask for protection and pray. Keep holy water by you at all times and keep a cross on as well. It may seem old-school but it really works. If you are being possessed and trust somebody deeply, let them know what is going on and have them hold onto the holy water for you. The demon around will try to get rid of it. But evil never wins, everything will be okay. God bless you.


Thank you for reading, angels. May God bless you all. Email me at contact@electrasoul.co if you have any more questions! Thank you.