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Here, we get what we want because we are entitled to receive what we want. THE LAW OF ASSUMPTION will always work out in your favor, if you allow for it to do so. There are no limits, laws, or restrictions that keep us from getting what we want. Simply said! I am a firm believer that if you can visualize something in your head, it is 111% possible to achieve (no matter how "crazy" or "unbelievable" it might seem.) There is absolutely not a single reason as to why things "shouldn't" go your way... Because here, things always go our way. Believe it, persist with it, and stay in the mindset of having itand you will always win. Trust.

Persisting in your newfound confidence is VERY important! The reason for this, is because you are retraining your mind into believing only the good things, first. In order to fully retrain your mind (rewiring the subconscious), you must persist in knowing that your new mindset = your new reality. If you want things to permanently change around you, you must think/believe as if you are already living within that permanent change. Your 3D (your environment/surrounds) is not what your true reality is... it's what your mindset is. The sooner that you work with this knowledge and you take advantage of what the law of assumption has to offer, you will always win.

Affirming is very simple. All affirming is, is repeating thoughts and words that you would think/say to yourself on a regular basis. We affirm for everything. Yes, everything! We affirm that things will either go good or bad, whether we'll win or lose, and even about where our lives are headed next. If you would like to see consistent, positive results, affirm within the mindset of having your consistent, results. This means not giving up whenever you feel as if you are moving backwards, like your affirmations "aren't working" (false, because they always do), or if you ever begin to grow impatient. You must persist through the doubts, the worries, and the voice telling you that "you can't", because you absolutely can, and will. And so you will not stop until YOU GET WHAT YOU WANT... because you will.

I am determined to help you get everything that you could ever want + more, as I know that you have all of the power that you need... already inside of you! God/the Universe/what you believe in, is inside of your soul. You coexist with God, which means that YOU have the power of God inside of you. You are not “betraying God” by deciding your own destiny—you are simply doing what has been intended for you to do this entire time: taking total control over your life. With this being said, you have been given the ultimate control to shift your life in the way that you'd like. You are the Creator, the Higher Power, and the Manifestor of your entire destiny. Because you hold so much power (and because I truly want you to see this for yourself), I will be listing multiple affirmations here that you can use to manifest the topic at hand.


Each list will contain affirmations regarding one requested topic that has been sent in/requested for by you, angels. The affirmation topic listed here could go for numerous subjects. Some such as: love, money, health, success, etc. This list of affirmations will be updated at the start of each month, giving you at least one month's time to effectively manifest what I've placed for you within the affirmations list.

The current list of affirmations goes for the month(s) of: SEPTEMBERThis month's topic is: MANIFESTING A VERY SUCCESSFUL SCHOOL/COLLEGE/UNIVERSITY YEAR & SEMESTER!

This school year will be very easy for me! I know that for sure.

I always learn so easily. I am such a great student.

I pass every test I take. I always do so well.

I always do great on all of my assignments. I always ace EVERYTHING.

I am a consistent overachiever. I show up every time, on time.

I have full confidence in my ability to be great this school year.

All of my professors love me. I am the perfect student.

I effortlessly make friends at school. We all do really well together.

I love how great this school year is. I deserve this kind of vibe, always. ✨👩🏻‍🎓


Within having this affirmations list, I challenge you to affirm these affirmations within the month of September. As you do so, I want you to come back, email me at: contact@electrasoul.co OR private message/DM me at any of my social medias, AND LET ME KNOW HOW YOUR PROGRESS HAS BEEN COMING ALONG DUE TO USING THESE AFFIRMATIONS!  DON'T FORGET TO SCREENSHOT THESE AFFIRMATIONS IF YOU NEED THEM, AS THEY ARE UPDATED MONTHLY!

I have absolutely no doubt in the fact that you all are 111% going to get what you want. You already are the strong, happy, and successful version of yourself that you were always meant to be. I am so proud of you and your progress. Affirm away and enjoy your wonderful results.・゜゜・.<3