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holy water ☆

Holy water can be used to bless people, object, or places, and can be used to repel demons/evil. Holy water is a blessing from Above and will keep you safe in dangerous demonic situations or just to help you feel safe overall. If you or somebody you know is looking for holy water and you are having trouble obtaining some, I am giving away holy water for free, as holy water should always be free and easily obtainable. (Don't let anybody try to sell you holy water! Holy water is given, not sold.) I understand that holy water can be hard to receive depending under the circumstances you're in, so I wanted to make it easier for those who need it. They will only be given with an order you've recently placed. Each person is allowed up to 2 total and the request for it must be listed as a note under your order on my website so that I can send it to you! If there is demonic activity going on in your household or in your life and need assistance, I can offer advice. Just shoot me an email.

Thank you angels & see you soon ☆


Holy Water



FAQ: "Why doesn't the holy water have a label like the other sprays?"

Answer: Well due to people's circumstances, not everybody is allowed to have holy water in their house or families of those who've obtained this water might have different beliefs as well. It's best to keep the water anonymous for the sake of others. As long as you know what the water is, that's all that matters!