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about ElectraSoul

Hello angels ✩ I've created this shop, ElectraSoul, to embrace my love and belief in spirituality. I wanted to create something that I could spread and design in my own way and that helps people around the World, immensely. I am an empath, a psychic, and I feel everything happens for a reason... Therefore, I know I was meant to come this way to make this site, the videos I make, and the products I produce. I make different spiritual products to help improve the lives of many. My plan and main focus is to help people grow in life and spirituality, to help those that want to advance soul-wise, do so. Thank you for checking out my shop and 4 being here. As my platforms grow, so will we. If you're meant to find something for you here, you will. ✧  see you soon.


 some of me 2 you— yours truly, ElectraSoul