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Amethyst Cork Locket

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the stone, Amethyst, is one of the most spiritual and psychic crystals there arehelping those who are trying to build their intuitive abilities. Amethyst is known to protect the psychic, the spiritual, and those who want away from negative energies.

because we care so deeply about your spiritual care and your style, our Amethyst Cork Lockets are able to help you with both. Providing you the upmost protection from your angels and spirit guides while helping you maintain the finishing touch to your outfit.

these simplistic yet adorable necklaces contain Amethyst bits, lavender bits, Virgin Olive oil, and holy water; all held together with a glass bottle and cork. knowing that you have Archangel Michael hanging off your neck (literally), is a very calming feeling to have throughout the day.

take her with you whenever you are feeling uncertain about what energies will be around you that day, or simply to add a touch to your look. either way, you Divinely protected by Spirit.

*each necklace chain measures 16in. in length, and the size of the glass bottle is 2ml. All necklaces purchased will be energetically chosen for the buyer.


Affirmations for Amethyst:

✧ I AM protected by my angels.

✧ I AM spiritually strong and in touch with my spirituality.

✧ I AM strengthening my Third Eye by the second.

✧ I AM growing stronger spiritually, every single day.

✧ I AM beyond any negativity. no dark energy can touch me.

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