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Black Tourmaline Rough Stone

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black tourmaline, stone of protection and wonderful absorber of negative energy


 - if you find yourself becoming anxious, surrounded by negative energies, facing negative thoughts, feeling lost of vulnerable, or feel like your emotions are spiraling out of control, black tourmaline will soak up those thoughts and feelings and turn it into a positive, calming energy. it will ground you and bring you back to Earth, where you can feel calm, centered and safe.


 - black tourmaline helps you stay grounded, due to its deep connection to the base chakras. when your root chakras are balanced, you will be able to embrace who you are and gain self-confidence to speak your truth.


 - you can place a piece of black tourmaline in the 4 corners of your home to keep your space sacred and protected


 - it is important to remember that since black tourmaline is essentially a sponge, absorbing negative energies, we recommend you cleanse your black tourmaline on a regular basis. you can either smudge it or soak it in a bowl of spring water for a short while (about 30 minutes)


Each crystal measures around 1 ½ in. All crystals purchased will be each energetically chosen for the buyer. ☆


Affirmations for Black Tourmaline:

I AM releasing negativity and only bringing in positive energy.

I AM grounded as God is healing me.

I AM being protected against negative energy.

I AM always safe.