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Carnelian Tumbled Stone

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the ultimate confidence crystal...carnelian!


 - this stone used to be worn by warriors to give them confidence and courage in battle. this fiery stone not only protects the user but lets their insecurities fizzle away.


 - carnelian comes from the Latin word for 'flesh'. this may be to remind us that we are only human, all of the same flesh and blood, so stay rooted and don't let the ego take over.


 - you can use carnelian to cleanse other crystals! simply place them touching the carnelian, and their negative energy will be absorbed


 - carnelian flushes the body with life, allowing muscles to be stimulated and oxygen to flow. for anyone in a bind with sexual energy, carnelian may be able to enhance fertility or even just boost your libido, giving the user a sense of power over their sexual identity


 - carnelian invites the user to enter a creative boost, embracing their inner child and allowing them to be open to spontaneity. with creativity flowing, the user will feel motivated and confident, as they have stepped out of their shadow. they will find themselves being able to speak up and refrain from biting their tongue


 - this orange healing stone is connected to the lower three chakras: the root chakra (the foundation, where our safety sits), the sacral chakra (where our passion, intimacy and inner fire sits), and the solar plexus chakra (where our personal power lies, the center of our self-esteem).


Each crystal measures around 1 ½ in. All crystals purchased will be each energetically chosen for the buyer. ☆

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