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Green Aventurine Tumbled Stone

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welcome in good luck when green aventurine is by your side! ˘ᵕ˘


༓ - green aventurine comes from the Italian word "a Ventura," meaning "by chance". this is no shock due to its heavy association with luck, prosperity, and good fortune. 


༓ - green aventurine allows for one to bring in courage, confidence and happiness, it urges you to step out of your comfort zone and attracts new experiences and opportunities to you, allowing you to take on adventure and grow.


༓ - green aventurine wants to be your companion as you take on new experiences. if you feel nervous butterflies, this stone will change them into a fire that wants to burn. you and the people around you will begin to feel motivated and you will inspire a chain of positivity


༓ - it is said to hold a piece of green aventurine in your hand as you visualize or manifest your desires and dreams. it is also recommended to take green aventurine with you to the casino, to game nights, or to any place where you need some extra luck!


Each crystal measures around 1 in. All crystals purchased will be each energetically chosen for the buyer. ☆