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Healing Oil

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our Healing Oil is homemade for usage towards the healing of the soul.

whether it be healing from a breakup, the loss of a job, getting over something devastating, physical pain, or even soul healing, this oil is meant to help encourage that part of your soul to open a new page or blossom into the person you're meant to be.

our Healing Oil was created with the intent of bringing healing for those who need it and for those that feel helpless in that sense. it can be very difficult to fully recuperate oneself after having gone through something that feels like you can not emotionally heal from. though it might seem like a journey to get to the other side where happiness lies, it is very possible and you will be happy again.

for that reason, we've created this product to help our clients see this within themselves. it is a push towards your everlasting confidence, which may just need to be discovered once again. this product is made with extra virgin olive oil, breathe essential oil, bergamot essential oil, Himalayan pink salt, chamomile bits, and organic mica powder.

this product was cleansed before and after making and will be blessed by Archangel Raphael for the buyer. this oil can be applied to the skin you can apply this oil to your skin or and object and provides impeccable soul growth.


༓ TO USE: ༓ 

༓ - simply drop 2-3 drops of your Healing Oil onto your fingertips, and rub your fingers together. rub the oil onto your body. visualize and feel it healing your soul.

༓ - you may also use this oil for anointing/prayer.

these ingredients were thoughtfully chosen to provide the user with powerful results:

- breathe essential oil: invites feelings of love, acceptance, hope, and courage. removes feelings of depression, pessimism, negativity, and sorrow. helps you to feel more powerful within your being, as this oil helps cleanse out both your airways and mind.

- bergamot essential oil: invites feelings of confidence, having a good self esteem, self acceptance, security, and worthiness. removes feelings of inadequacy, being unlovable, insecurity, nervousness, and anxiety. she as well helps to lower blood pressure, and is a mood stabilizer.

- chamomile herbs: attracts love into your life, peace, tranquility, and to remove worries from the mind in order to induce the healing that you so rightfully deserve.


each oil is divinely made and chosen for the buyer. ☆

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