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Lapis Lazuli Rough Stone

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lapis lazuli — the stone of wisdom and self-expression


༓ - welcome in self-awareness with this stone. lapis lazuli encourages self-expression and helps you speak your truth


༓ - being able to speak our truth is one of the most important things we can do to raise vibrations of our soul. doing so will make you stay true to yourself and cuts down on built up frustration and anger so that you will be more decisive in picking paths. 


༓ - lapis lazuli will remind you to not be afraid. it is linked to your third eye chakra (the chakra known for being the eye of consciousness, the one that sees all). when your third eye chakra is blocked, it may be hard to concentrate, to connect and to keep your cool. stress, illness, and emotional upset all have an affect on your third-eye. if activated, you can tap into psychic abilities.


༓ - when placed over your brow, you can induce a higher state of awareness.


༓ - lapis lazuli is also linked to the throat chakra. if the throat chakra is blocked, you may struggle to feel heard, understood, or you may shy away from confrontation and expression. using lapis to help you unlock your throat chakra and letting the truth flow is going to give you a burst of confidence clarity and the ability to stand up for yourself which may have been missing. 


Mini crystal measures around ½ in. Regular crystal measures around 1 ½ inch. All crystals purchased will be each energetically chosen for the buyer. ☆