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Money Spray ༓ 2 oz.

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this Money Spray is homemade for your material and financial needs. being abundant is a very simple thing to beit is simply a matter of feeling abundant on the inside. this is exactly where our spray steps in. 

we've created our Money Spray to help those who are currently manifesting smooth financial flow, an abundant outcome to a situation, or successful business and/or income! she is designed to help you step into the mindset of being abundant, as you naturally already are! allowing yourself to be as successful as you are meant to be, is something that you are meant to do. 

never accept less than the amount of money that you want to make. always manifest exactly what you know that you deserve! there is nothing better than knowing that you can have all the money that you want, simply because you want it. being a strong, influential source for financial flow, this product is made with holy water, clove essential oil, anise essential oil, frankincense essential oil, and organic mica powder.

this product was cleansed before and after making and will be blessed by Archangel Raziel for the buyer. let us manifest more of the money that we already have!


༓ TO USE: ༓ 

༓ - simply spray your Money Spray onto your being/your wallet or purse. visualize and feel it bringing in the money you are rightfully entitled to.

༓ - you may also use this spray for prayer.

these ingredients were thoughtfully chosen to provide the user with powerful results:

- clove essential oil and herbs:

- anise essential oil: induces clairvoyant abilities, brings in good luck, spiritual awareness, and is considered one of the herbs of spiritual protection. 

- frankincense essential oil: promotes easy access to your spiritual side, as she helps to bring you closer to your intuition. also helps bring in positive energy, while connecting you to Spirit as a whole.


each spray is divinely made and chosen for the buyer. ☆

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