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Rainbow Moonstone Tumbled Stone

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rainbow moonstone, also known as white labradorite, is the crystal of new beginnings. she brings balance, hope, and harmony to those who have her in their presence.


༓ - this stone carries the vibrations of feminine goddess energy. it is a stone of protection, shielding your aura from any unwanted energies. the energy of this stone is calming, aligning chakras, balancing you, connecting body and mind, and providing mental clarity. it is best known for love and romance. it enhances fertility and because of its connection to the divine feminine, this stone has extreme influence over the female reproductive system.


༓ - it can be used to facilitate past life therapies, it is extremely intuitive and repels against psychic attacks. rainbow moonstone enhances your perception of your surroundings and brings light to answers that weren't so clear before. it helps to raise your self-awareness, and this new sense of mental clarity and calm creates space for you to access the parts of yourself you weren't able to once see. 


༓ - this stone's primary power is psychic protection. it helps dispel nightmares and can treat sleep walking. works with the crown chakra and third eye chakra. if you are still growing, you can carry it with you to stimulate a growth spurt. you can give them to your children if you want them to grow up happy and healthy.


༓ - moonstone is said to protect travelers, so place a small piece in your suitcase when you are traveling (especially if you are traveling during nighttime). in meditation, place on top of your head and visualize clearing your mind and rainbow light pouring into your head and filling up your body (crown chakra association).


legends say that if you place rainbow moonstone in your mouth during a full moon, then you will be able to see your future 

the moon makes this stone thrive!

༓ - what is the black in rainbow moonstone?

the black is tourmaline, a protective stone. it works together with rainbow moonstone to draw out the negative energy. tourmaline is considered a spiritual filter.


Each crystal measures around 1 ½ in. All crystals purchased will be each energetically chosen for the buyer. ☆