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New Jade Tumbled Stone

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New Jade, also called Serpentine, is the ultimate chakra crystal (of the heart chakra, especially) as it helps heal each and every chakra within your aura


༓ - It is also considered to be a connector of the Earth Star chakra. This ultimately allows one to fully feel and connect with Mother Nature as a whole. meditation outdoors with new jade to channel that earthy energy.


༓ - new jade helps one to let go of fear, turn it into positivity, Kundalini awakenings, and clearing blocked energies. This is a crystal one would want to have during a soulful awakening as it helps soothe the soul during this process.


༓ - Not only that, but New Jade brings good luck and it helps attracts near friendships, as well. These crystals are wonderful to have if dealing with physical problems (such as thyroid or immune system issues) and brings purity to the soul.


Each crystal measures around 1 ½ in. All crystals purchased will be each energetically chosen for the buyer. ☆

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