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Palo Santo

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This medicinal piece of wood, otherwise known as ‘holy wood’, is the ultimate purifier of the spirit, the body, and the mind. Located in South America, Palo Santo is provides spiritual protection, as it helps remove negativity from your aura field. Cleansing the air with its sweet scent, this wood is best known for its purifying of negative energies. Once burned, its smoke helps to alleviate stress, emotional pain, and fatigue, it grounds and centers the mind + body, invokes better moods, and detoxifies any kind of negativity that may be around you. You can use these beautiful abalone shells to better help you cleanse your space. Use the shell to place and burn your Palo Santo stick. The sweet aroma of Palo Santo will definitely be leaving you in a trance, as its purpose is to bring peace and tranquility upon those who use it. Taking care of your energy is a must.

Each stick measures around 4 - 5 in. Each shell measures around 2 ½ in. All sticks & shells purchased will each be energetically chosen for the buyer. ☆