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Protection Spray ༓ 2 oz.

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this Protection Spray is homemade for your protection against evil spirits, bad intentions, and for further protection from your angels.

we've created our Protection Spray to help those who have been suffering through negative attacks and evil spirits.

it is very important to be able to always feel safe and sound in everything you do. you need to be able to everything that you want to do without the fear that somebody may be evil-eyeing you, or sending bad spirits towards you. evil eye exists and it has taken a toll on millions who do not even know that they are being evil-eyed.

we have to keep the negative energy out, while only allowing the good energy in. let's bring in only the angels, and keep the demons out. this product is made with holy water, lavender essential oil, anise essential oil, frankincense essential oil, lavender bits, and organic mica powder.

this product was cleansed before and after making and will be blessed by Archangel Michael for the buyer. you can't ever be too protected!


༓ TO USE: ༓ 

༓ - simply spray your Protection Spray onto your being/object of choice. visualize and feel it healing your soul.

༓ - you may also use this spray for prayer.

these ingredients were thoughtfully chosen to provide the user with powerful results:

- lavender essential oil and herbs: cleanses the energy space whilst removing dark or negative entities and/or energies. she washes away feelings of depression, whilst bringing in soothing and healing vibes. spiritual protection is set in stone with this one.

- anise essential oil: induces clairvoyant abilities, brings in good luck, spiritual awareness, and is considered one of the herbs of spiritual protection. 

- frankincense essential oil: promotes easy access to your spiritual side, as she helps to bring you closer to your intuition. also helps bring in positive energy, while connecting you to Spirit as a whole.


each spray is divinely made and chosen for the buyer. ☆

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