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Pyrite Heart

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sometimes called "fool's gold," pyrite is a shiny stone with masculine energy meant to protect and shield the wearer or user in every way possible (physically AND mentally). pyrite attracts wealth, abundance, and good luck!


༓ - pyrite tries to keep you strong and stable from control. it has an intuitive quality working to keep you out of harm. this stone inspires creativity and purity.


༓ - pyrite can help build up strength and stamina and is handy to have around when you are sick. **it is great to have near you when you are working out!**


༓ - pyrite will make you feel more confident, can rekindle lost drive or distant passion, removes any negative thoughts or fears, and provides you with ample amounts of positive energy.


༓ - pyrite is closely tied to the solar plexus chakra and sacral chakra, which are the chakras that hold our deepest passion and energy for life, our sexual prowess and our love of creative thought and action. 


Each crystal measures around 2 inches. All crystals purchased will be each energetically chosen for the buyer. ☆