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Rhodonite Tumbled Stone

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let the love energy flow with rhodonite by your side!


this rose-pink stone gets its name from Rhodon, the Greek word for Rose.


༓ - filled with healing vibrations, rhodonite connects with your heart chakra and allows you to overcome traps of life, and welcome in healthy love and compassion.


༓ - rhodonite can recharge you when you feel drained with its healing vibrations. this stone can keep your heartbeat steady due to its connection with the heart and circulatory system. rhodonite is filled with self-love and forgiving energy.


༓ - this stone will allow you to heal from emotional wounds, sending you on the path to complete unconditional love. rhodonite is ready to help you remove whatever can be negatively impacting your self-worth, so long you are open to receiving its energy.


༓ - rhodonite is an emotional balancer that will ground you and balance the yin-yang within yourself. if you find yourself struggling to cope with a traumatic event, rhodonite will heal emotional shock and panic, and can heal emotional wounds/scars from your past.