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Tourmaline Cork Locket

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Black Tourmaline-the powerful crystal of protection and repeller of evil, negative energy. energy is a vibrational life-force that has existed all throughout time. energy can come in good or bad forms, becoming either positive energy or negative energy.

both can be equally as powerful depending on whichever you are allowing more of to enter. Black Tourmaline comes from the Earth to protect you from the energies of others. Black Tourmaline captures all of the negative energy, holding it in place to make sure that you don't endure any of it. a very intense blockage is put into place when you cross the energy of somebody who carries negative energy. that is what makes this crystal so special.

because we care so deeply about your spiritual care and your style, our Tourmaline Cork Lockets are able to help you with both. providing you the upmost protection from your angels and spirit guides while helping you maintain the finishing touch to your outfit.

these adorable, mysterious-looking lockets are made with Black Tourmaline bits, Virgin Olive Oil, cinnamon, black organic mica powder, and gold flakes. knowing that you have Archangel Michael hanging off your neck (literally), is a very calming feeling to have throughout the day. take her with you whenever you are feeling uncertain about what energies will be around you that day, or simply to add a touch to your look. Either way, you are Divinely protected by Spirit.

*each necklace chain measures 16in. in length, and the size of the glass bottle is 2ml. All necklaces purchased will be energetically chosen for the buyer.


Affirmations for Black Tourmaline:

✧ I AM releasing negativity and only bringing in positive energy.

✧ I AM grounded as God is healing me.

✧ I AM being protected against negative energy.

✧ I AM radiating clean and healthy energy.

✧ I AM always spiritually safe in every way.

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