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Twinflame Spray ༓ 2 oz.

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our Twinflame Spray is intended to help out those who are in a  twin flame relationship, or is currently manifesting their twin flame for themselves.

made with holy water, rosemary, lemongrass essential oils, rose oil, Himalayan pink salt, and organic mica powder, this spray helps enhance what needs to be learned and teaches those how to bring inner love closer in order to feel and be totally whole within one's self–bringing both parties closer to harmonious union.

it can also be used to help a person find their true twin flame, as this spray is intended to help enhance the energy towards growth throughout an authentic twin flame relationship! she also helps to provide a little boost to those who need encouraging to keep going on strong whilst on their twin flame journey.

let us all be brought closer to who we truly are inside... which will ultimately guide us to true inner-union with ourselves, and within our twin flame.


༓ TO USE: ༓ 

༓ - simply spray your Twinflame Spray onto your being. visualize and feel it bringing you one step closer to fruition with your twin flame.

༓ - you may also use this spray for prayer.


these ingredients were thoughtfully chosen to provide the user with powerful results:

- rosemary herbs

- lemongrass essential oil: 

- rose oil


each oil is divinely made and chosen for the buyer. ☆